If the specialists said “We did our best”, but you still have back and joint pain, then the pain is rooted in your brain. Neuroplasty will help you.

If for years without success you struggle with high blood pressure, low back pain, fatigue, dizziness and insomnia – the kidneys should be diagnosed first.
Immunity is mainly weakened by stress. After experiencing a conflict or other unpleasant event, you may become ill after 3-4 days because you have used up the strength of your immune system. But it turned out that the immune system, like the brain, can learn. How to train the immune system?

About us

Peter is a doctor of psychology and pedagogy, healing people for fifty years. Erica is a specialist in kinesiology and art therapy and has been a Health Teacher for thirty years.

Since the early 1990s, Anton couple has been running recovery courses where people learn to be happy, healthy and strong. It turns out everyone can do it.

People like Erica and Peter can be called clairvoyants, but Anton’s couple insists they are synesth.

Synesthesia is an inherited phenomenon that is truly a rare: only one in 25,000 people have the brain capacity to do so. When synthesized, all the sense organs function simultaneously and something similar is formed to colorful hearing, a smell or fragrant colors … For Peter, synesthesia is more manifested through sounds – he hears people: he hears their diseases, organ pathologies, also hears what sounds to treat a person with.

Erica, on the other hand, turns a person’s voice into color, even she feels a person’s color. From the facial features, Erica determines what diseases can affect a particular person in the future. Erica sees the body’s problems, and the chances of recovery she sees as colors, sounds, tastes, and what is especially unusual as digital codes.

Synesthetic therapy

Vibroacoustic therapy, Biomatrix, Gastromathematics, Healing Phonemes are future biotechnologies for which are Anton family inventions. Many people have recovered using Anton family sessions.

Erica and Peter Anton recovery programs are the result of twenty-five years of research and experimentation. They are effective, easy-to-perform, fast-working techniques which are suitable for busy people today.

Remove restriction to recover

If you are disappointed in medicine and looking for another way to recover, you want to become independent of medication and doctors, Erica and Peter Anton approach can become your health path.

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Neuroplasty – brain obedience

You are told that your memory will inevitably deteriorate with age ... You will have back pain and you will have to have endoprostheses in the future ... You are told that your body inevitably ages and degrades, "What do you want at your age?", and tries to tune you...


Rarely does anyone know that many unpleasant symptoms that are not related to urination at all, but to brain function, digestion, blood pressure and even pain in the legs, are the result of kidney problems. Why do medical diagnoses do not find kidney problems? Why are...


Biomatrix is ​​a revolutionary recovery system invented by Anton's couple from Latvia. Erica and Peter Antons have been working in the field of alternative medicine for thirty years. REMOVE PROHIBITION ON RECOVERY Why, despite treatments, medications and procedures,...


Each video consists of two parts: Erica's Light TherapyPeter's vibroacoustic Therapy You can read the scientific explanation of our method in the article NEUROPLASTICS, as well as the SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF OUR ACTIVITIES. Watch Erica's light therapy session first. It's...

My dear teachers Erica and Peter! I was disabled from the age of thirteen: chronic joint inflammation. Before your courses, I did everything to get rid of the pain, but to no avail: every day I did one hour of therapeutic gymnastics, went for a massage, went to the pool. I became most desperate when the anti-inflammatory drugs stopped working. How hard it was for me to get to you - it would probably be easier to crawl. After the third lesson, when you learned to heal the joints of the legs, for the first time in my life I no longer felt my legs! I did not go home but flew. And another good news: blood pressure medication is no longer needed because blood pressure returned to normal during the course. Thanks!

Gunta, 65 years old

As for alternative medicine, my husband was "unbelieving Tom." But prostate cancer made him try Erica and Peter's synesthetic therapy because doctors said the tumor was inoperable. Every day my husband watched the color codes and listened to healing sounds, although he said he did not believe it at all. No other preparations were used. After a month, the markers of oncology were already much lower. After another 2 months - almost normal. Half a year passed - my husband recovered completely. The doctors marveled and said, "We don't know what you did there, but keep going." Now my husband only has to do a preventive check every month.

Thank you, Dzintra

I had an oncological process in the blood and lymph. The diagnosis was not yet clear, but the manifestations were already swollen and neoplasm of the groin. Listening to the sounds of Peter's bass clarinet, I had a physical feeling that something was vibrating in me. Miracle, but the sonogram showed that the tumor in the groin had disappeared. I continued to heal myself with the blood of Erica's runic formula. After a short time, the analysis showed that my blood cancer was gone.

Thank you both! Ilze

I had terrible joint pain: I had difficulty climbing stairs, especially downhill. At night I could not find a position to place my legs so as not to hurt and be able to fall asleep. I visited doctors, I was at several healers ... Dozens of different ointments were used, I used bandages with magnets, but everything was in vain because nothing changed significantly. Total despair! What's next? After the classes, the pain in your course has completely disappeared, only the sensitivity of the knees remains, which practically does not interfere with life. Unbelievable!

Your member, Visvaldis