About us

How healers healed themselves.

Peter has been healing people for fifty years, Erica has been a Health Teacher for thirty years. Since the early 1990s, Anton’s couple has been practicing recovery courses in which people learn to attract success, improve health, protect themselves from bad energy, and diagnose themselves and their loved ones. Simply put, learn to be cheerful, healthy and strong. It turns out everyone can do that.

Peter: I haven’t fallen from the moon … At thirty-three, I got seriously ill – osteochondrosis of the entire back, inflammation of the stomach and duodenum, kidney stones, cystitis, prostatitis, thrombophlebitis, lymphadenitis, chronic pneumonia. Due to the pain, I could only sleep in sitting position for two hours a day. I spent eight months in the hospital in two years.

The medicine didn’t help me, I refused spine surgery because I was afraid of the consequences. I was close to despair, there was even a bad thought in my head … There was no one who would comfort me or at least help me overcome the terrible, unbearable physical pain…

One night in a dream, I saw a person who looked very much like me, just before. And he was strong and healthy. He said, “I came from the future – I am you in thirty-five years. I will teach you health. You will be a Healer, and with this teaching you must share with all those sufferers who will turn to you for help. ” Peter’s teaching in the future really helped me: three years later I was already healthy. Today, at the age of 80, I am still healthy, strong and joyful, the way I saw myself in a dream many years ago. I know how to recover and stay healthy, so Erica and I have been teaching people about health for 30 years.

Erica: At the age of sixteen, I was very ill: asthma, heart valve defect, chronic gastritis, low immunity, and severe spinal cord injury. Medicine was powerless, it didn’t help me. Thanks to the fate that brought me to Peter, I coped with all my illnesses during the year.

Our journey from patient to healer has become a health path for thousands of our patients and students at the same time. We are convinced that, regardless of age and the burden of disease, like us, a person can become a healer, at least for himself.

Erica and Peter don’t like to brag about their abilities, their education and their “titles.”

“We are Health Teachers, and we want you to feel how we are, not who we are!”

Anton’s couple are knowledgeable professionals who can be trusted – such courses have been taking place since the thirties! Peter is a doctor of psychological and pedagogical sciences, a talented musician and an outstanding healer who has been practicing for fifty years! Rarely does anyone know that Peter has experienced war and a fascist concentration camp, that at the age of thirty Peter was threatened with four spinal surgeries, and he had a huge bunch of illnesses that he himself dealt with in a few months. Always smiling and full of strength, Peter is actively involved in sports and quite hard field work.

Evija, a participant of the course, says: “I can’t help but notice that I am confronted by energetic, positive, interested in life, and, yes, that’s why beautiful people. Peter and Erica themselves are like an advertisement for what they teach and do. When Peter told him how old he was, I didn’t believe at first: “How much, how much?” He can be given about fifty, but in fact there are seventy-nine. Erica is forty-six, but she looks so girlish. ”

“Peter is an example to us that we want to emulate. He destroys our notions of age. If he could recover on his own, then we will be next! ” – course participants.

Erica is a good educator: she can teach complex things very easily. She is an art therapist with a degree in kinesiology, legal psychology, ethics, forensics and psychiatry.

“If you want to feel like we do – we’ll walk steps together – we’ll teach,” Peter says brightly and looks at his wife at the gaze of a man he’s just fallen in love with. As they talk to each other, shrug their shoulders, touch their hands, a powerful love nuclear reactor begins, whose energy seems to be able to turn the whole world upside down.

“Erica is more serious, but with such warmth and radiance in his eyes! If you see that an elegant woman is standing in front of the hall with a huge bouquet of flowers – then it is Erica, and the huge bouquet – from the listeners who love her very much, ”says the course participant Maija.

When you call to apply for a course, you will not be answered by the secretary, but by Erica or Peter, because it is important for them to listen and feel everyone. When you come to the first lesson, you will not be met by an assistant, but they will be Erica and Peter, who will look you in the eye and feel that you are in the right place.

Previous students say: “Our lessons are full of humor and optimism. Peter tells such anecdotes that tears flow from laughter. But Erica creates a warm, family atmosphere. After classes, we are full of strength, and when we go home, we do not walk, we fly! ”