How to use course?

Each video consists of two parts:

  1. Erica’s Light Therapy
  2. Peter’s vibroacoustic Therapy

You can read the scientific explanation of our method in the article NEUROPLASTICS, as well as the SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF OUR ACTIVITIES.

Watch Erica’s light therapy session first. It’s without music, without sound, because exposure only needs to happen through one sensory system – through vision.

This is followed by a session of Peter’s vibroacoustic therapy with healing bass clarinet sounds. Listen to it with your eyes closed so that through your hearing you will get best effect. We recommend listening with headphones or high-quality speakers so that you can hear and “pick up” all the sounds.

Synesthetic therapy does not cause exacerbations! If you experience pain or discomfort during treatment, there are other causes.

Observe the recovery time for different tissues:

Soft tissues (muscles and internal organs) as well as cartilage and joints regenerate within 1.5 months;

Skin – 4 weeks;

Bone tissue – within 3-4 months.

For older people, these processes are slower.

For the result to be lasting, you need to receive recovery sessions regularly.