For women with hormonal background balancing:

Female cycle disorders (irregular periods, amenorrhea, etc.);

Premenstrual syndrome;

To improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails if the problems are related to female hormones;

Weight regulation when associated with pituitary, hypothalamic, adrenal and ovarian hormones.

At puberty – to reduce unpleasant manifestations (unbalanced mood, acne, etc.);

In preparation for conception – to increase the chances of becoming pregnant and conceiving a healthy child;

During pregnancy – to improve well-being, reduce toxicosis, protection of pregnancy, easier childbirth;

For new mothers – to restore hormonal balance, lactation, reduce postpartum depression, endurance and good mood;

During menopause – reduce negative effects (hot flashes, blood pressure, calcium leaching, forgetfulness, etc.).

The session uses Erica’s healing symbols “Lauf Blóma Letur” – runic flower runes.

Perform impressions 2-3 times a day.

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